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About Us


The main products of annual production capacity

1.High-purity gallium ingots (MBE, 7N, 6N, 5N), particles

2.Gallium metal (primary gallium and regenerated gallium)

3.High purity gallium oxide (4N, 5N)

4.High purity gallium nitrate, gallium chloride and other gallium compounds

5.High-purity anhydrous boron oxide covering agent

6.High purity indium phosphide polycrystal

7.High purity indium ingot (MBE, 7N, 6N), rod, sheet, wire, bead, indium oxide and other indium compounds

8.Gallium, indium and other alloys

9.Zone melting germanium ingot, high-purity germanium oxide

10.The above products are processed with supplied materials


Production control and Quality detection

We have professional testing instrument, test engineers and entrust a third party testing institutions for international product process control and final inspection. To guarantee you the perfect quality consistent.